Delta B767-400 Economy Comfort Plus Review

delta b767-400

I recently had the opportunity to fly on a Delta B767-400 Economy Comfort Plus seat from FRA to ATL. It was my second experience in Delta Economy Comfort Plus and I was really looking forward to it, as my first one on a Delta Connection flight had been really pleasant. I did everything by the book: upgraded to Comfort Plus immediately after booking (upgrading seats counts as an airline fee), checked on Seat Guru and cross-referenced with what was still available, then selected my best option. Unfortunately, as great of a tool as Seat Guru may be, it isn’t perfect.


Economy Plus vs Premium Economy

Delta Economy Comfort Plus is an Economy Plus product that’s common on US airlines and is entirely different from a Premium Economy Class, as offered by many Asian and European airlines. American Airlines also recently introduced a Premium Economy class on some of its international and long-haul domestic flights. Premium Economy is typically separated from economy, with wider seats, more legroom, better recline and dedicated flight attendants. Depending on the airline, amenity kits, priority boarding and welcome drinks may also be offered. Economy Plus is different. Seat width is generally the same as regular economy, but you do get more legroom and better recline. You are also not separated from regular economy. Depending on the airline again, amenity kits and priority boarding may also be part of the deal.

While Premium Economy certainly is the superior product to its American Economy Plus counterparts, I enjoy the Economy Plus products for their affordability, upgradeability, and overall “Bang For Your Buck”. As stated above, upgrading to an Economy Plus seat counts as an airline fee, and is therefore reimbursed by your Amex Platinum or Premier Rewards Gold card. Premium Economy is also much more expensive. With that being said, this particular flight reminded me that you get what you pay for.

delta b767-400

IFE is vastly outdated, also note the upholstery on the right

Delta B767-400 Economy Comfort Plus

After checking on Seat Guru for an optimal seat, I decided on a window seat in the last row of the Comfort Plus section. Delta had recently retrofitted all of its 767 aircraft with brand new Delta One suites, but seemingly all but forgot about the economy cabin. Besides the equipment box by my right foot that all but eradicated any extended legroom that Comfort Plus advertises, the seat back pocket was falling apart at the bottom, the inflight entertainment system was outdated, and the upholstery barely fit the seats. The entire cabin just seemed in desperate need of an overhaul. I did receive an amenity kit, which included earplugs, a sleeping mask, a toothbrush and some toothpaste. That was nice, but did not make up for the rest of the shortcomings.

delta b767-400

Delta’s Rest & Refresh kit

Maybe I was a bit spoiled because my last flight before that was on a Lufthansa A320neo, which was in pristine condition, but I was still a bit disappointed. It’s important for airlines to pull out the big guns on international flights, and if this is the best Delta has to offer, it’s got a long way to go. With American Airlines and especially United currently hogging all the negative spotlight, it’s the perfect opportunity for Delta to make a move. But they can only do that by delivering a superior product, and I have to say that my last American Airlines flight from CLT-LHR on an A330 in regular economy was vastly superior to Delta’s Economy Comfort Plus.

delta b767-400

While the torn seat back pocket was nothing more than an eye sore, the equipment box was a nuisance on this 9 hour flight

Bottom Line

Don’t waste your money on a Delta B767-400 Economy Comfort Plus seat. If anything, upgrade to an exit row seat. Delta has got some investing to do in their economy section, and now is the time to do it. They may have an amazing Delta One premium seating cabin, but seriously lag behind American Airlines in the economy class department. Given that 3/4 of an airline’s customers fly economy, it’s important to offer them an adequate cabin as well.


What is your experience with Delta’s Economy Comfort Plus?

  • Ed Scott

    I’m flying out of France on a Delta flight. Given that it’s long flight, I was considering upgrading for a little extra legroom, but Comfort+ just isn’t worht it.
    What’s really amazing is that they want $89 for a Comfort+ seat right next to the restrooms or for $65 I can get the exit row, which is a much better seat.

    • Definitely! If you can snag a bulkhead/exit row seat, that’s a much better option for legroom than Comfort+.