Save At The Pump With IHG Rewards Club

save at the pump

IHG introduced a brand new member benefit yesterday: Never pay full price again when buying gas at Shell. This is not a new credit card benefit, it’s an IHG Rewards Club benefit. The higher your status, the more you save at the pump. If you are not already an IHG member, this deal gives you all the reason you should need to become one.


Save At The Pump With IHG Rewards Club 

All you really have to do to take advantage of this is link your existing (or new) IHG Rewards Club membership number with the Fuel Rewards program and wait for your new membership card to arrive in the mail. It is not a new payment and/or credit card, it’s just a membership card that you swipe before using your preferred credit card (or debit card, but we don’t speak of those, as they do not earn points). Basically, filling up at Shell will now be like filling up at Costco, in some cases even similar in price. You actually don’t even need to wait on your membership card, you can enter your Alt ID instead. This may actually be my preferred method, because I’m kind of running out of space in my wallet. Either way, the savings are substantial and vary by IHG membership level:

  • Save at least 5 cents per gallon with Club or Gold Elite level
  • Save at least 6 cents per gallon with Platinum Elite level
  • Save at least 7 cents per gallon with Spire Elite level

Just for creating an IHG account, you’ll save 5 cents per gallon on, arguably, the best fuel money can buy. But I think that this deal makes the Chase IHG Rewards Club MasterCard a no brainer too. The Chase IHG credit card not only gives you a free anniversary night at any IHG property, earns 5x points at IHG hotels and 2x points at gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores, but also bumps you up to Platinum Elite level. This saves you an additional cent at the pump over basic IHG membership.

Since this program doesn’t limit your payment options, you can still maximize your points when filling up your car. Make sure to use a credit card like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold, American Express Everyday Preferred, or even the Chase IHG Rewards Club card. Any of these cards will earn you 2x points. I, personally, prefer earning Amex Membership Rewards points over IHG points. This quarter, however, the Chase Freedom card is the way to go, as gas stations are part of this quarter’s bonus category and will earn you 5x points. This actually brings me to my next point. I did some research on gas prices in the Hampton Roads, VA area, and there are Shell gas stations in this area that charge around 6 cents per gallon more than the local Costco gas station does. That makes Shell roughly as affordable as Costco gas when using the Fuel Rewards card. But at Costco you’re limited to Visa credit cards only. If Warehouse clubs weren’t excluded from the Chase Freedom 5x bonus points category this quarter, this wouldn’t be too terrible, but they are. By using the Fuel Rewards card at Shell, not only are you getting probably the best fuel out there for less, but you’re able to maximize your credit card points as well.


In Summary

Some deals are just to good to pass up. This new IHG “Save At the Pump” deal is one of them. There seems to be no catch and you can still use your preferred credit card to earn maximum points when filling up at Shell gas stations. All you need to do is enter your new Fuel Rewards card, or key in the Alt ID, at the beginning of the transaction, and voila, you just saved yourself at least 5 cents per gallon. The Chase IHG Rewards Club MasterCard automatically elevates you to IHG Platinum Elite level, saving you 6 cents per gallon instead.

How do you maximize points and save at the pump? Comment below and follow us on social media.