Can I transfer Citi Easy Deals points to ThankYou Rewards?

transfer citi easy deals points

I received an e-mail this week from a fellow ThePointSoldier reader with the following question:

I currently have the AT&T Universal credit card from Citibank. I’m considering switching to the Citi ThankYou Preferred card. Can I also transfer my Citi Easy Deals points to the ThankYou Rewards program. I have over 4400 Easy Deals points accumulated and would like to still be able to use them.


Transfer Citi Easy Deals points to ThankYou Rewards

Unfortunately, no you cannot transfer Citi Easy Deals points to the ThankYou program. However, you don’t even have to. The Citi AT&T Universal credit card does not charge an annual fee. That means you can leave that account open and just add a ThankYou Rewards credit card to your existing portfolio. Doing this also has positive effects on your credit score. Whenever you open a new credit card account, the overall age of your existing credit card accounts will drop. This is a huge factor for your credit score and if you close an existing account at the same time, that effect is only amplified. However, one of the major benefits of opening a new account is that, by increasing your overall line of credit, your credit utilization ratio naturally drops. You should always strive to remain under 10 percent utilization. Closing an account obviously has the opposite effect and you should, therefore, try to avoid closing credit card accounts whenever possible.

Bottom line, do not close your current AT&T Universal credit card account. Leaving it open preserves your Citi Easy Deals points and also your credit score.


Good Starter ThankYou Rewards credit cards

The Citi ThankYou Preferred card is an excellent choice to start earning ThankYou Rewards points. It currently has a 15,000 point sign-up bonus, after meeting the $1,000 spending requirement within the first 3 months. It earns double points on dining and entertainment and 1 point per dollar everywhere else. While it doesn’t charge an annual fee, it does charge a foreign transaction fee.

Alternatively, there’s the AT&T Access card as well as the AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards card by Citi. These two cards clearly make even more sense if you are also an AT&T customer. Both cards currently offer a 10,000 ThankYou point sign-up bonus. The AT&T Access card will earn 2x points on purchases made with AT&T and on purchases made online at retail and travel websites. It earns 1x points everywhere else. The AT&T Universal Savings and Rewards card will, as the name suggests, help you save tremendously on AT&T purchases (up to $350 annually) and earn 1x points on all other purchases. Neither card charges an annual fee.

transfer citi easy deals points

Citi Easy Deals Points

It is a good idea to start investing in ThankYou Rewards points instead of Easy Deals points. While you obviously don’t want them to go to waste in the process, Easy Deals points seem to be all but obsolete these days. The only credit card that Citibank refers you to, if you are interested in enrolling in the program, is the Citi Diamond Preferred card. It’s safe to say that Citi has shifted the majority of its attention to the ThankYou Rewards program. The ThankYou system has multiple airline, hotel and retail transfer partners, as well as shopping and travel portals. The only thing I can find on the Easy Deals program is that it tends to be a headache to redeem the points. Citi offers multiple annual fee free options to start earning some ThankYou points. If you like the program and are looking for a card with better travel benefits, Citi offers the ThankYou Premier and the Prestige card.

Are you invested in the Citi Easy Deals points program? What is the best way to redeem them? Please comment below or on our social media pages. Also, please contact us with any credit card, travel, military benefits, or rewards related questions you may have. The only stupid question is the one never asked. We are looking forward to hearing from you.