The New Verizon Unlimited Plan: Your Military Benefits and Credit Cards

verizon unlimited plan

It’s been just over three months now that Verizon Wireless suddenly began increasing the monthly bills of those customers that were still on the old “Legacy Unlimited Plan”. I was also one of those customers and, needless to say, wasn’t too happy with the provider’s move to force us to the, so called, New Verizon Plan. The only explanation I was given by the customer care representative was that unlimited plans were (supposedly) dead and Verizon would never reintroduce them.


Verizon Unlimited Plan

Fast forward a few months and here we are with another new “New Verizon Plan” and also a new unlimited option, the one that was to never return. The truth is that I actually like the new plan lineup. It’s considerate to singles, small families, as well as larger families. Best of all, it seems that Verizon remains committed to being a little more travel friendly, and included unlimited talk and text to and from Canada/Mexico, as well as 500 MB of LTE data while in either of the two foreign countries. In today’s society (and due to pressure from other carriers), a wireless carrier has to consider the international traveler. Across the pond, European carriers are moving in a similar direction. Just make sure to read the fine print before switching to the new Verizon Unlimited Plan, as there are some definite pros and cons involved.



One major drawback is that our 15 percent Government Employee Discount (Military Discount) will no longer apply to the new unlimited plan. Verizon does offer a $5 discount, however, if you activate Auto-Pay and paperless billing (which you should anyway). But there is one major caveat to this: You only receive the discount if you use a DEBIT CARD or CHECK to pay your monthly bill. This is a major blow to us points collectors, as wireless bills have traditionally been a steady earning opportunity for us. I understand the reason behind the move however, and it makes total sense. A credit card charge costs the merchant, in this case Verizon Wireless, between two and three percent per transaction, which translates into a significant loss at the end of the year. The company saves money in debit card transactions and is willing to pass those savings on to us. Seems pretty fair to me.

While you definitely have the option to continue using a credit card to pay your monthly Verizon bill, whether or not it still remains profitable depends entirely on your individual situation. Obviously, the higher your monthly bill, the easier it is to justify continued use of a credit card. Given that the value of points and miles fluctuates constantly, I’d suggest to stay on the safe side and not use a credit card unless you are able to earn at least 500 points on each Verizon Wireless bill.


Best Credit Cards to Use

The absolute winner in this category is the brand new Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card. This $95 annual fee marvel will yield you 3x points on the first $150,000 a year on combined purchases made on travel, shipping purchases, internet, cable and phone services, and on advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines. It also comes with an 80,000 point sign up bonus, though a 100,000 point sign up bonus is being rumored, so I would hold off a little if you’re interested in this card. Keep in mind that, as the name suggests, it is a business credit card.

Alternatives are cards that earn 2x or at least 1.5x points on all purchases, such as the Citi Double Cash or the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. Last year, American Express had a $10 a month rebate offer on cell phone bill transactions. Since $10 are greater than $5, this would certainly be another prime opportunity to use a credit card instead of a debit card to pay for your Verizon Unlimited Plan.

Verizon definitely shook up the wireless industry this week with the resurrection of its unlimited plan. But the new plan is a lot different than the old and, as always, it pays to read the fine print (literally!). While I am a fan of the new plan lineup, I do hope that Verizon doesn’t abandon its Unlimited subscribers as it had with the old Legacy Plan. Just as a company appreciates, and relies on, customer loyalty, the customer appreciates the loyalty of a company.

Any other suggestions on how to maximize points with the New Verizon Plan? Please comment below and on our social media sites.