London Heathrow Airport and Aspire Lounge

During my last trip from Frankfurt International (FRA) to Washington Dulles (IAD), I had the opportunity to spend a 3 hour long layover at England’s premier international airport, London Heathrow Airport (LHR). 3 hours may seem almost excessive at most airports, but at LHR, simply making it to my connecting flight took over an hour, and I never even had to change terminals. LHR is not only huge, but also extremely busy. There are Fast Track lanes available to help expedite things a bit.

Upon arriving in the London area on our British Airways A319, we had to circle the airport for almost 30 minutes, waiting in queue, before finally landing. We arrived at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, which I, as stated above, never had to leave during my stay at the airport.


London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is one giant shopping mall. You’ll find anything, from little convenient stores, to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, and of course the Harry Potter store =). The terminal itself is a mixture of classic and modern, with high end features and an overall luxurious feel. Restrooms are spacious and stalls are large enough to accommodate a solo traveler’s carry on luggage. There’s free Wifi available throughout the terminal, in addition to Boingo, which is complimentary with certain American Express credit cards.

London Heathrow Airport


Aspire, The Lounge and Spa

There are a total of 7 Priority Pass lounges at London Heathrow Airport, one of which being inside of Terminal 5, airside. The Asprire lounge is a modern, yet cozy, place to relax and spend some time waiting on your next flight. It feaures a huge window front facing the airfield, a bar, and a small buffet. Since I arrived in the morning, there was a breakfast buffet available. The food was excellent. There are also showers and spas available, for additional fees. Annoyingly however, there aren’t any restrooms inside the lounge itself; you have to leave the lounge and use the ones inside the terminal. Another, literal, limitation is the 3 hour time limit, which does explain the choice of furniture inside the lounge; coffee tables and chairs, instead of sofas, blankets and pillows. As my stay was fairly brief, I didn’t mind. It is just something to consider when planning your layover at Terminal 5. The staff was also very courteous and professional.


London Heathrow Airport is a world class international airport. I’ve only seen Terminal 5, but that was enough to leave a lasting impression. This is definitely an airport I will consider for future layovers. Priority Pass lounges are abundant throughout and are complimentary thanks to my American Express Platinum Card. Keep in mind that other premium credit cards will grant you access to these lounges as well.


Have you been to any other Priority Pass lounges at LHR? Which one is your favorite/least liked? Please comment below or on our social media pages.