10x Mileage Plus X Miles on Black Friday Weekend

Image Courtesy of freeimages.com


The holiday shopping season offers a prime opportunity to earn some major points. The United Mileage Plus X app, for instance, offers 10x miles on select stores this Black Friday weekend. The offer ranges anywhere from department stores to the  Microsoft Xbox online store. I took advantage of this offer yesterday at Banana Republic and earned some major United miles on top of a good chunk of Chase Ultimate Rewards with my Chase Freedom Unlimited. All you need to do is purchase a gift card through the Mileage Plus X app for the particular store you’re in when you’re at the register, present your gift card number to the cashier and watch your miles rack up.

On a side note, prepare yourself to be asked about opening a store credit card when you check out at major department stores this holiday season. You will be lured in with some very enticing offers, like a 20 percent discount, etc. I generally advise against opening a store credit card, but there are exceptions. The Points Guy released a good article on when it makes sense to open such an account. Either way, make sure to always ask for a military discount, whether you’re active duty, retired, or a reservist. It never hurts to ask, and the savings can be substantial.

This Black Friday weekend is definitely the one to get some holiday shopping done, with savings of up to 60 percent, or even more in some cases. Ensure to capitalize on that and earn some major points, or cash back, when spending your hard earned dollars.


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